Let’s walk “TRAIL & BAGEL.”(close)


TRAIL & BAGEL is an a-few-hours hiking event in Rifu, which is located in the northeast from Sendai. It faces the Matsushima Bay, recognized as one of the three most beautiful scenic spots in Japan, as well as embraces a rich woodland designated as Miyagi Prefectural Forest in the west. In this event, we will walk along the coastline of the bay while stopping by some view spots, resting and eating bagels provided by spica, a popular bakery shop in the town. Access is very easy: 45 minutes by car on Route 45, or 35 minutes from Sendai to Rikuzen-Hamada Sta. on JR Senseki Line. Let’s chill out on the day!!

Day & Time: 9 am to 11:30 am on Sat. July 6|Meet at Hamada fishery port
Place: The coastline of the Matsushima Bay in Rifu area
Participation Fee:2,500 yen(including bagles and spcial tea)
ApploicationHERE by 3 pm on July 4
Access: Get off at Rikuzen-Hamada Sta.(陸前浜田)on JR Senseki Line. It, 14th staition from Sendai, takes around 35-min. See this.
・Hot and rainy season. Bring water, and carry an umbrella and hat.
・The event would be canceled due to heavy rain or some reason. Judged if or not as of 7 am on the day. Check our HP or Instagram please.
TEL:050-6861-8504 MAIL:tanckocanary@gmail.com

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